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Amazon workers face ‘brainwashing sessions’ in fight for recognition

Published 12th June 2024 by Dan

Big companies buying their way out of union recognition should be banned, GMB Congress has said

At GMB’s annual congress in Bournemouth, the union voted overwhelmingly to support an overhaul of the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC)’s statutory recognition process. 

The CAC is the Government body which oversees worker’s attempts to get their union recognised by employers. 

Amazon workers in Coventry have been fighting for union rights for nearly two years. 

Workers there are poised to start a vote on whether to force their employer to recognise GMB. 

Ceferina Floresca, Amazon worker, said: 

“The situation at Amazon Coventry stands as a stark indictment of the inherent weaknesses woven into the fabric of our statutory recognition scheme. 

“It is abundantly clear that the scales of justice are tipped in favour of employers. Granting them advantages at the expense of workers’ rights and dignity. 

“When we first fought for statutory recognition in 2023, Amazon hired 1300 new associates ahead of normal operational needs, to dilute the proportion of GMB members, which forced us to withdraw our application. 

“At present, while awaiting the date for the ballot for recognition we are being subjected to a daily so-called information meetings, which we call brainwashing sessions, as its only purpose is to convince and encourage workers to vote against GMB recognition. 

“The atmosphere of intimidation and coercion is very strong, and associates are scared and confused.”